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Christensen, Geoff A., Somenahally, Anil C., Moberly, James G., Miller, Carrie M., King, Andrew J., Gilmour, Cynthia C., Brown, Steven D., Podar, Mircea, Brandt, Craig C., Brooks, Scott C., Palumbo, Anthony V., Wall, Judy D. and Elias, Dwayne A. 2018. Carbon Amendments Alter Microbial Community Structure and Net Mercury Methylation Potential in Sediments. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 84(3): UNSP e01049-17 doi:10.1128/AEM.01049-17

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Graham, Andrew M., Cameron-Burr, Keaton, Hajic, Hayley A., Lee, Connie, Msekela, Deborah and Gilmour, Cynthia C. 2017. Sulfurization of Dissolved Organic Matter Increases Hg-Sulfide-Dissolved Organic Matter Bioavailability to a Hg-Methylating Bacterium. Environmental science & technology, 51(16): 9080-9088. doi:10.1021/acs.est.7b02781

Christensen, Geoff A., Wymore, Ann M., King, Andrew J., Podar, Mircea, Hurt, Richard A., Santillan, Eugenio U., Soren, Ally, Brandt, Craig C., Brown, Steven D., Palumbo, Anthony V., Wall, Judy D., Gilmour, Cynthia C. and Elias, Dwayne A. 2016. Development and Validation of Broad-Range Qualitative and Clade-Specific Quantitative Molecular Probes for Assessing Mercury Methylation in the Environment. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 82(19): 6068-6078. doi:10.1128/AEM.01271-16

Podar, Mircea, Gilmour, Cynthia C., Brandt, Craig C., Soren, Allyson, Brown, Steven D., Crable, Bryan R., Palumbo, Anthony V. and Somenahally, Anil C.. 2015. Supplementary Materials for: Global prevalence and distribution of genes and microorganisms involved in mercury methylation. Edgewater, Maryland: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.

Podar, Mircea, Gilmour, Cynthia C., Brandt, Craig C., Soren, Allyson, Brown, Steven D., Crable, Bryan R., Palumbo, Anthony V., Somenahally, Anil C. and Elias, Dwayne A. 2015. Global prevalence and distribution of genes and microorganisms involved in mercury methylation. Science Advances, 1(9) doi:10.1126/sciadv.1500675

Lamborg, Carl, Bowman, Katlin, Hammerschmidt, Chad, Gilmour, Cynthia C., Munson, Kathleen, Selin, Noelle and Tseng, Chun-Mao. 2014. MERCURY in the Anthropocene Ocean. Oceanography, 27(1): 76-87. doi:10.5670/oceanog.2014.11

Orem, William, Carl Fitz, H., Krabbenhoft, David, Tate, Michael, Gilmour, Cynthia C. and Shafer, Mark. 2014. Modeling Sulfate Transport and Distribution and Methylmercury Production Associated with Aquifer Storage and Recovery Implementation in the Everglades Protection Area. Sustainability of Water Quality and Ecology, 3/4: 33-46. doi:10.1016/j.swaqe.2014.11.004

Brown, S. D., Hurt, R. A., Gilmour, Cynthia C. and Elias, D. A. 2013. Draft Genome Sequences for Three Mercury-Methylating, Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria. Genome Announcements, 1(4): e00618-13. doi:10.1128/genomeA.00618-13

Gilmour, Cynthia C., Podar, Mircea, Bullock, Allyson L., Graham, Andrew M., Brown, Steven D., Somenahally, Anil C., Johs, Alex, Hurt, Richard A., Bailey, Kathryn L. and Elias, Dwayne A. 2013. Mercury Methylation by Novel Microorganisms from New Environments. Environmental science & technology, 47(20): 11810-11820. doi:10.1021/es403075t

Gilmour, Cynthia C., Riedel, Georgia S., Riedel, Gerhardt, Kwon, Seokjoon, Landis, Richard, Brown, Steven S., Menzie, Charles A. and Ghosh, Upal. 2013. Activated Carbon Mitigates Mercury and Methylmercury Bioavailability in Contaminated Sediments. Environmental science & technology, 47(22): 13001-13010. doi:10.1021/es4021074

Gomez-Eyles, Jose, Yupanqui, Carmen, Beckingham, Barbara, Riedel, Georgia, Gilmour, Cynthia C. and Ghosh, Upal. 2013. Evaluation of biochars and activated carbons for in situ remediation of sediments impacted with organics, mercury, and methylmercury. Environmental science & technology, 47(23): 13721-13729. doi:10.1021/es403712q

Graham, Andrew M., Aiken, George R. and Gilmour, Cynthia C. 2013. Effect of Dissolved Organic Matter Source and Character on Microbial Hg Methylation in Hg-S-DOM Solutions. Environmental science & technology, 47(11): 5746-5754. doi:10.1021/es400414a

Driscoll, Charles T., Chen, Celia Y., Hammerschmidt, Chad R., Mason, Robert P., Gilmour, Cynthia C., Sunderland, Elsie M., Greenfield, Ben K., Buckman, Kate L. and Lamborg, Carl H. 2012. Nutrient supply and mercury dynamics in marine ecosystems: A conceptual model. Environmental research, 119(November): 118-131. doi:10.1016/j.envres.2012.05.002

Graham, Andrew M., Bullock, Allyson L., Maizel, Andrew C., Elias, Dwayne A. and Gilmour, Cynthia C. 2012. A Detailed Assessment of the Kinetics of Hg-Cell Association, Hg Methylation, and MeHg Degradation in Several Desulfovibrio Species. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 78: 7337-7346. doi:10.1128/AEM.01792-12

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Brown, Steven D., Gilmour, Cynthia C., Kucken, Amy M., Wall, Judy D., Elias, Dwayne A., Podar, Mircea, Chertkov, Olga, Held, Brittany, Bruce, David C., Detter, John C., Tapia, Roxanne, Han, Cliff S., Goodwin, Lynne A., Cheng, Jan-Fang, Pitluck, Samuel, Woyke, Tanja, Mikhailova, Natalia, Ivanova, Natalia N., Han, James, Lucas, Susan, Lapidus, Alla L., Land, Miriam L., Hauser, Loren J. and Palumbo, Anthony V. 2011. Genome Sequence of Mercury-Methylating Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ND132. Journal of Bacteriology, 193(8): 2078-2079. doi:10.1128/JB.00170-11

Brown, Steven D., Wall, Judy D., Kucken, Amy M., Gilmour, Cynthia C., Podar, Mircea, Brandt, Craig C., Teshima, Hazuki, Detter, John C., Han, Cliff S., Land, Miriam L., Lucas, Susan, Han, James, Pennacchio, Len, Nolan, Matt, Pitluck, Sam, Woyke, Tanja, Goodwin, Lynne, Palumbo, Anthony V. and Elias, Dwayne A. 2011. Genome Sequence of Mercury-Methylating and Pleomorphic Desulfovibrio africanus strain Walvis Bay. Journal of Bacteriology, 193(15): 4037-4038. doi:10.1128/JB.05223-11

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